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  • Is silk or satin better for sleepwear? What is silkSilk is a natural protein fiber, a natural silk composite with a non-woven structure made of continuous silk fibres conglutinated by sericin bonding matrix. Based on different woven method, silk could be woven into different styles fabric . such as


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  • As we all know, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. It accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. Is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and pollutes the oceans with micro plastics. Fast fashion, which encourages people to b


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  • What's the difference between silk charmeuse and satin silk?The story starts from yesterday a client from Dubai told me that she wanna charmeuse silk instead of satin silk, and we sold satin silk pillow case to her a few monthes ago, so I asked her the silk charmeuse she want is same like the silk f


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  • Cotton, Linen or Silk: Which Fabric Is Best for Pajamas? With the arrival of summer, everyone wants to be able to wear cool and stylish clothes, not only during the day but even at night. For this year's three popular fabrics, let's take a look at cotton, silk and linen, which material is more su


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  • The delicate nature of silk fabric means that it does not last very long, so it is a question of how to store and maintain silk pajamas to prolong their using time. There are four key points to note about how to store silk pajamas.


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  • Silk fabrics have been developed to a lot of types, like silk stretch satin, silk crepe-de-chine, silk satin, silk georgette, etc. Today I will introduce some of it to you, if you interested in it, contact with us!


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  • Is pure silk really good for skin?We can always see some businesses or advertisements boasting about silk products. What is the truth? Mulberry silk masks not only have the function of maintaining and beautifying the skin, but also have good moisture absorption.


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  • No one can wear heavy dresses in summer as heavy dresses can cause overheating to the body. Summer is the season when all humans face excessive sweating and heat. This is where the silk loose button-up shirts come handy. Dresses such as the silk long sleeve t shirts ensure ultimate comfort to your body. The designer silk shirts for ladies will be best in summer as silk can absorb the body's moisture, and the material of silk is also soft and flexible, which gives comfort in summer.


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  • Japanese dressing gowns are charmed worldwide for their style, captivating colors, patterns, and textures. It is often one of the things we glimpse in Japanese people. However, you can also make people catch you by wearing a dressing gown. You can look at our personalised silk dressing gowns and designer evening gowns collection. You can also seek a silk kimono robe in our silk kimono robe wholesale and grab the one most suited to your needs. A kimono robe is derived from a yukata and is a beautiful integral of style and comfort. It is available in numerous varieties for almost all purposes and events. Though it reflects Japanese tradition, it attracts people from all cultures. We know that you need dresses according to your mood and time of the day, that’s why we have our Designer evening gowns for your evenings. We also have men’s silk dressing gowns in our men’s personalised silk dressing gown collection and play with colors and style.


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  • Why do people search for silk eye pillows wholesale? A good night’s sleep is a must for good health, brain performance, and mood. But it’s challenging to get when bright distractions and stress surround you constantly. In this situation, a custom eye mask for sleeping can substantially help cure this issue. Our silk eye masks, for instance, custom silk sleep mask are composed of pure mulberry silk serving the above purpose. So grab yours from any silk sleep mask wholesale. We have a massive collection of wholesale silk eye masks to simplify your searching effort.


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  • The safest way is to fill the sink or the bucket with cold water. Then, turn the garment inside out and soak it. When wash the silk garment, the best option is to use a detergent with good quality . Add a few drops into the water and mix it up well. Leave the mixture for a few minutes.- Agitate the mixture and gently pull the garment up and down for several times to remove dirt. Once you have done the above steps, it is time to take out the garment and drain out all the water. Then, rinse the garment well with cold water till all the detergent gets completely removed from the fabric. To dry the garments, the safest way is to hang the garments either on clotheslines or clothes hangers. No matter what, ensure that the garments are not exposed to sunlight directly. Whether it is silk blouse, silk sheet, silk pillow, or silk suit, you can use the above steps for effective cleaning.


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  • Although a higher momme weight silk is more opaque than a lower momme weight silk, silk is a translucent fabric in general. When choosing a color, keep in mind that colored silk is more opaque than white silk since the dye prevents light from flowing through the cloth. It is also known for its designer silk fabric.


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  • Let's first understand what Silk fabric is. Silk is popularly known as one of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics globally. It is made using the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm larvae. This term can also describe any material produced with silk yarns or fibres.


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  • Silk bonnets are making a comeback in the hair and beauty industry for all the right reasons. They are one of the easiest ways to attain perfectly manageable hair that looks smooth, lustrous, and frizz-free. Silk bonnets have become the favorites of many beauty and skincare Gurus due to their efficiency in helping with skin and hair troubles. So, without further ado, let us dive right into the many benefits of a silk hair cap. 


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  • What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Silk Pillowcase?A silk pillowcase is quite essential for a goodnight. When someone can't sleep several nights, it appears very much like a delusional fantasy than a realistic reality. Nightly beauty treatments promise to work have double your slumber to aid you co


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  • We were usually persuaded to go to bed early when we were children. They advised, "You need to obtain your beauty sleep." Surprisingly, there was some truth to this statement, and it wasn't just something they said to get us to sleep. We can confidently state that no beauty routine is complete witho


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  • Sleep is a time for relaxation and recuperation. This applies to your skin just as much as it does to your brain and muscles. Our skin's blood flow improves as we sleep, and the organ rebuilds collagen and repairs UV damage to lessen wrinkles and age spots. We also have higher levels of melatonin, a


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  • Silk is a fiber obtained from the silkworm's cocoon. It provides a soft, glossy fabric that is used in a variety of high-end clothes and beds. Silk has been used in China at least since 3000 BC, and it was most likely harvested much earlier.One of the most common uses of silk in clothing is robes. T


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  • What Fabric Should You Use to Line a Silk Dress?One of the most critical components of designing a good garment is getting the lining right. That's because the wearer will feel the lining every time he or she takes a stride. The lining also aids the draping and contouring of the dress fabric to your


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  • If you're debating whether to sleep in silk or satin pajamas, you may be wondering what the benefits and drawbacks of each material are. You're probably already aware of the first advantage of satin over silk, which is the cost, but there's a lot more to know about silk and satin before you make you


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