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How to identify Silk Skarf for consumers

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Silk Skarf can be used all year round, whether in business, at the office, attending important meetings, or in everyday life, family life, school, parties, weddings, travel, or leisure. For Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, New Year, Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries, Silk Skarf is the perfect gift for mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, brides, bridesmaids, colleagues, friends, and all ladies. Let's take a look at how to identify Silk Skarf for consumers. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Number identification method

  • Price identification method

  • Burning method

Number identification method

Chinese silk satin implementation by 5 Arabic numerals composed of a unified product number, the 5 digits from the left to the first digit represents the fabric material number, all silk fabrics (including mulberry silk, silk) for "1", chemical fabrics for "2", mixed fabrics for "3", sericose silk fabrics for "4", rayon fabrics for "5". It is understood that the market sales of imported satin are not Silk Skarf, such as georgette, soft yarn bead pattern, etc., these are chemical fabrics, so imported satin without a uniform number.

Price identification method

Silk Skarf is about twice the price of chemical fiber and silk satin. Lustre, feel identification method will be the sample spread flat view its appearance, silk has the performance of absorbing light, looks smooth not mirror, luster elegant soft, was pearl light, feel soft and flowing, silk thread is denser, with the hand will have wrinkles, the higher the purity, the greater the density of silk-feel is also better. Although the simulation of silk fabric after the dehumanization process, the feel is softer, the silk surface is dark, with no pearl luster; chemical fiber fabric luster is bright, harsh, feel stiffer. In addition, silk products should be a slightly scratchy feeling, will be two layers of fabric for friction, will produce a "silk sound", while other raw materials of the fabric did not.

Burning method

Take out some of the yarn threads and burn them. Silk has no open flame and smells like burning hair, which means that there are protein fibers and the silk ash becomes black particles that can be crushed by hand. Faux silk has a plastic smell when it is on fire, and when the fire goes out, it leaves a hard rubber lump around the edge. Silk has a high shrinkage rate, so it is best to buy Silk Skarf in a size that is one notch larger than what you need. If it is fabric, you should soak the fabric in water for more than 5 hours before making it, let the fabric absorb the water completely and then dry it, then soak it a second time so that the silk will not be deformed after two soaks and two dries.

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