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Information about Silk Shirts

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As we get older, we are more interested in the quality of what we wear, from style and color when we were younger to quality and branding now. Most of the big brands are still worth pursuing their design and branding, but there are also many niche brands and independent designer brands that are also worth pursuing. A good Silk Shirt is a must-have for a high-quality, high-class workplace. Next, let's take a look at the information about Silk Shirts. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Does silk mean mulberry silk?

  • What are the fabrics of silk?

  • What is silk MMS?

  • How to wash Silk Shirt.

Does silk mean mulberry silk?

Many people think that silk in Silk Shirt is mulberry silk does not mean mulberry silk, but mainly mulberry silk, sericulture silk, tapioca silk, silk, etc., but among the many categories, mulberry silk is the best quality, and the price is relatively expensive. However, what we usually call real silk is generally referred to as mulberry silk.

What are the fabrics of silk?

Silk chiffon, silk georgette, silk organza, silk crepe de chine, mulberry satin, double chine, double crepe, chambray, etc. Chiffon and organza are familiar, they are light and airy summer fabrics. Organza has a stiff feel and is more suitable for wedding dresses or outer garments that require shaping. Chiffon is relatively soft and is generally used for dresses and Silk Shirts. Crepe de chine and mulberry satin are both gorgeous silk fabrics with good luster and drape and are often used for cheongsams and high-end dresses. It is a high-grade silk fabric that is unique to the Lingnan region and seems to have been listed as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage site.

What is silk MMS?

Generally speaking, the higher the number of MMS, the thicker the fabric and the heavier the gram, the more silk raw materials are used and the higher the cost. A good Silk Shirt should be related to the type of fabric and the style of the garment. 19-22 MMS is of good quality and thickness, even if you buy a white shirt, it will not be transparent. 16 MMS is also OK, but a little lighter and thinner. Some shirts are thinner than 16m, and some always require a vest to be worn underneath.

How to wash Silk Shirt.

Firstly, do not wash in the washing machine or in hot water (warm water is best), hand washing is best. Secondly, do not use washing powder or alkaline soap, use special detergent. Thirdly, do not mix with other laundry and do not wring by hand (it will damage the silk structure). Fourthly, you can pour a few drops of white vinegar into your Silk Shirt after washing to keep it bright and shiny.

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