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Is silk or satin better for sleepwear?

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Is silk or satin better for sleepwear?


What is silk

Silk is a natural protein fiber, a natural silk composite with a non-woven structure made of continuous silk fibres conglutinated by sericin bonding matrix. Based on different woven method, silk could be woven into different styles fabric . such as chiffon silk, crepe silk, satin silk, georgette silk etc..

 what is silk

What is the satin?

A satin weave is a type of fabric weave that produces a characteristically glossy, smooth or lustrous material, typically with a glossy top surface and a dull back. the satin we normally named is polyester satin which is made by polyester fiber.

What's the benefits of silk sleepwear?

Silk is natural hypoallergenic fabric, it’s not only soft but also very comfortable, we call it " the body's second skin" . silk sleepwear, which can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s ideal for regulating your temperature and helping you to achieve a more comfortable night's sleep.

 what's the benefits of silk sleepwear

What's the difference between silk and satin?

As silk and satin belong to different category, so it’s hard to tell the difference between them.

But we could say what’s the difference between poly silk and satin silk.The satin silk also named charmeuse to differentiate from polyester satin.

Fabric Name

                Satin silk

           Polyester satin


Expensive, the cost is around 8-22USD/m

Very Cheap, the cost around 2-5USD/m

Fabrics characteristic

Luxury, soft, sustainable fabrics, breathable, antibacterial

Silky, durable, affordable, artificial fabrics.

MOQ of printing

45m per design

100~300m pe design

MOQ of dyeing

100m per color

300m per color


BeautyPlus's Advantages of OEM silk sleepwear?

If you wanna build your silk sleepwear brand or expand your product ranges to silk sleepwear or silk loungewear, BeautyPlus Silk could be your perfect choice.

Not only we are experienced OEM silk sleepwear manufacturer, but also we provide a variety of measurements to cater to your needs and create values for our clients.

1. We have over 50 styles silk sleepwear on website for you to chose, not only we have plain silk sleepwear, but also the printed silk sleepwear, and our silk sleepwear including the classic silk pyjamas, silk cami set, silk kimono and silk shirt., and if you could chose our styles, there’s no need to pay the pattern setup cost.

2. We have over 30+ colors mulberry silk fabric in stock, the widely used 19mm and 22mm, so if you could chose our color, there’s no MOQ limitations to custom your styles, with 30-50pcs each style each color to start.

3. Carrying out 100% quality inspection with over 20 years silk production experiences. we could control quality for every pieces before shipment, silk fabrics is so expensive, also it’s very fragile fabrics, and need very strict quality control during production, you could be very safe with us on the premium quality.

4. We have own designer and mature supplier chains, if you have own designs or other requirements, you could send us tech-packs instructions. or physical samples to develop with small MOQ.

Welcome to write us e-mail to get an offer! :)

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