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Silk Shirt Washing and Storage

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Silk shirts need to be cleaned with care, otherwise, their shape and durability will be greatly reduced. If you buy a Silk Shirt, remember to take care of it. Today, let's take a look at how to wash and store Silk Shirts. Here are some answers.

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  • Washing Silk Shirts.

  • Silk Shirt collection.

Washing Silk Shirts.

First of all, Silk Shirts should not be washed if they are not too dirty, but dry cleaned if possible. The main silk fabrics that cannot be washed are: firstly, velvet, Zhang velvet, gold velvet, and other velvet Silk Shirt, which are characterized by their obvious velvet surface. Secondly, silk products with patterns or embroidery such as brocade satin and antique satin. Improper washing of these fabrics can damage the structure of the pattern. Thirdly, the thin and transparent Silk shirts, such as georgette and silk organza, have a low density of the weave and are easily damaged by washing, especially if the silk organza is made from raw silk.

Silk Shirt collection.

When not worn, Silk Shirts can be hung on wide plastic hangers in a cool, ventilated, and dry place. Do not hang Silk Shirts on hard metal hooks to prevent damage to the silk surface, or on iron hangers as rust can stain silk garments. If the garment is not to be worn for a long time, it can be ironed first. Ironing should not exceed 150 degrees Celsius and a cloth pad is required. Ironing not only smoothes the garment but also sterilizes it at high temperatures to prevent mold and insects. After ironing, it is best to cover the piece with a dustproof and breathable bag to prevent dust contamination, do not use an airless plastic bag. When collecting, you should not put two Silk Shirts together, they must be separated and should not be touched with other clothes to prevent color cascading. It is not advisable to put mothballs, as they can easily become brittle. Keep away from heat sources, sunlight, and chemicals such as perfumes and desiccants. Pay attention to the hygiene of the collection cupboard to prevent insects and mold. Power spinning, plain crepe satin, and other clothes with a soft feel and flatter fabric are recommended to be hung up for a long time without being worn. However, it is recommended that crepe products such as double crepe, paracord crepe, and georgette are stored flat, as hanging tends to stretch the garment and flat storage does not allow you to press other items on it.

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