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Benefits of the silk sleep mask and what to look for

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A soft and comfortable silk sleep mask is like a pair of warm hands that can embrace your eyes in the middle of the night and nurture you to sleep peacefully. Pamper yourself, pamper your body and eyes, and pamper yourself with a good night's sleep. Let's take a look at the benefits of the silk sleep mask and what to look for. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The silk sleep mask has the advantage of being cool and soothing.

  • What to look for in a silk sleep mask.

The silk sleep mask has the advantage of being cool and soothing.

Silk fibers are also porous and heat-absorbing, which helps to cool and soothe your eyes in the sweltering summer heat. Another thing is the moisture-wicking and moisture-releasing properties of silk fibers. When you sweat a lot due to the summer heat, silk helps to absorb the sweat and then drain it as quickly as possible to keep the skin around your eyes fresh. This is why many women like to carry silk sleep masks with them on their travels, occasionally they get dirty, gently wash and press the moisture, hang them for a while and they dry up, so how many girls are not tempted by an eye mask that is so easy to dry?

What to look for in a silk sleep mask.

Silk sleep mask's light-blocking properties.

We buy silk sleep masks to create a darker sleep environment, so we can fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of our sleep. Therefore, a light blockage is our primary consideration. A good sleep mask is one that on the one hand is made of a material that prevents light penetration and on the other hand fits well over our eyes and nose without leaking light. This is the basic double protection that we need.

The fit and compression of the silk sleep mask.

First of all, a poor fit does not only affect the shading effect but may also squeeze the eyes. It is advisable to choose a soft material so that it does not cling to the eyes when worn. Furthermore, it is important to look at whether the silk sleep mask will strangle or not. Ear-mounted eye masks will generally strangle your ears, so it is advisable not to choose ear-mounted ones and to consider whether they can be adjusted for tightness. In addition, because eye masks are worn on the face for long periods, if they are heavy, they can cause facial fatigue, so we try to choose lighter eye masks to reduce the pressure on the face, nose, and eyes. Finally, in addition to light blocking and comfort, breathability is also an important factor, especially in summer, if the breathability is not good, not to mention helping you sleep, you may even get a rash after wearing it.

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