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Introduction to Silk Skarf

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The Silk Skarf is a favorite among many women because of its comfort and beauty. When autumn arrives, wearing a Silk Skarf can immediately enhance your look. But Silk Skarf needs to be washed after a while, so how do you wash it and how do you remove the wrinkles? How can I buy one? Here are some answers.

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  • There are three easiest ways to remove wrinkles from Silk Skarf.

  • How to wash, wear and store Silk Skarf.

  • There are four steps to buying Silk Skarf.

There are three easiest ways to remove wrinkles from Silk Skarf.

The first is to refrigerate the Silk Skarf, fill a spray bottle with water and spray it on the wrinkled areas, then place the Silk Skarf in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Secondly, the soaking and smoothing method involves soaking the garment in water for about 30 minutes, then placing it between two flat towels, smoothing the garment, and filtering out the water before drying to remove the creases. Thirdly, in the white vinegar soak and iron method, first, prepare a basin of warm water at around 30 degrees Celsius, add some white vinegar and soak the Silk Skarf in it for about 30 minutes, then take the garment out, do not wring it out, hang it directly on a hanger to dry and use the suffer to smooth out the creases. When the Silk Skarf is half dry, turn the iron on to a low temperature and iron the Silk Skarf in the creased areas.

How to wash, wear and store Silk Skarf.

Silk Skarf is generally washed in a neutral soap (preferably shampoo) and rinsed in water at around 30°C. Place the scarf in and rub it gently with your hands also, do not sprinkle Silk Skarf with deodorants or perfumes, or mothballs. Silk Skarf can be hung on hangers or stacked neatly together for storage, and it is best not to have heavy objects pressing on it for storage.

There are four steps to buying Silk Skarf.

Silk Skarf has a pearly natural luster that is bright, soft, and not too harsh on the eyes. The second is to feel the silk, which is smooth, soft, and flexible, with wrinkles and a soft, slow rebound. Fake silk is hot in the hand, while real silk is cool. Thirdly, silk products are resistant to friction because the silk is protected by silk glue on the outside. Dried silk will make a special sound when rubbed against each other. Four burns, burning silk fibers. When burned, silk fibers emit the smell of burning hair and the residue is in the form of brittle black lumps that crumble when squeezed by the fingers.

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