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How to Store Silk Pajamas

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How to Store Silk Pajamas

    Silk is known to be a premium fabric, not only because of its high price but also because of its beneficial effects on the skin.

    Pajamas made from silk fabric have great benefits for skin health, which is why so many people choose to customize our pajamas.

    The delicate nature of silk fabric means that it does not last very long, so it is a question of how to store and maintain silk pyjamas to prolong their using time.

    There are four key points to note about how to store silk pyjamas:

1. Avoiding sunlight: silk clothing is very afraid of strong light. Sunlight will not only make the silk fabric brittle, but also make the clothes fade and the lustre become dark. It is important to avoid sunlight when storing silk clothes.

2. Ventilation: silk fabrics have good moisture absorption, if not ventilated, clothes are easy to moisture. Especially in the high temperature and high humidity season, so we need to take clothes out of ventilation for drying regularly. 

3. Do not press: silk clothes are very soft and easy to crepe, it is difficult to put flat, so usually have to hang up and store. However, clothes made from CDC or Georgette are best not hung for long periods of time to prevent them from getting longer. In this way, it is best to fold up the clothes and place them at the top of the wardrobe to prevent pressing out permanent crepe.

4. Chemical substances: Silk fabrics are natural protein fibers, should not be stored with mothballs or sprayed with any aromatic mist spray, because the protein fibers are more fragile, and these chemicals products can easily lead to dis-colouration of the fabric.

    For details on how to wash and care for silk, please check this link: http://www.customsilkfabrics.com/How-to-care-silk-FAQ13838.html

    If you want to get more details and tips, please contact with us at any time!

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