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Tips for buying a silk sleep mask

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The silk sleep mask is, as the name implies, a mask that is worn over the eyes while sleeping. Therefore, it is easy to understand that its main purpose is to block out external light, create a comfortable sleeping environment, promote sleep, and improve sleep quality. It is a good choice for students and working people alike. On the train home, on the high-speed train, on the plane, in between work, it helps and accompanies us to a good night's sleep. Let's take a look at the tips for buying a silk sleep mask. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The light-blocking effect of the silk sleep mask.

  • The comfort level of the silk sleep mask.

  • The choice of color of the silk sleep mask.

The light-blocking effect of silk sleep mask.

The silk sleep mask's main function is to block out light, so naturally, the first factor to consider is the shading effect. The first thing to consider is how well the material of the silk sleep mask blocks out light. In addition to this, we should also pay attention to how well the silk sleep mask shades out light and how it fits around the face. If the environment we are resting in is already poorly lit itself, in this case, the shading of the silk sleep mask is not required. If the environment itself is bright, then the silk sleep mask needs to have a good shading effect.

The comfort level of silk sleep mask.

Apart from the shading properties, comfort is the second most important requirement I have for the silk sleep mask. After all, it is my sleeping companion and I would never keep it if it felt like a big foreign object, let alone on such a sensitive part of my eyes. I think there are two simple criteria for judging comfort: firstly, does it feel comfortable when worn. Secondly, whether it presses against my nose or eyes, or whether it strangles my ears.

I would like to advise all the people to give up any silk sleep mask that is uncomfortable for our face, no matter how beautiful it looks. Because there are many extensions of the brain nerves in our facial triangle and eyes, the silk sleep mask is worn for as little as an hour or two, say during a lunch break, or as much as a full eight or nine hours, and we don't wake up easily after falling asleep unless there is great sensory stimulation. Therefore, to avoid the risk of nerve compression, we must choose carefully.

The choice of color of the silk sleep mask.

Research has clearly shown that color affects sleep. The main reason is that different colors have different effects on mood, and different colors are perceived with different weights in the brain. Blue and green can calm the mood; yellow and beige can give a warm and cozy feeling; red, purple and orange are too strong and can easily make people feel excited, which is not conducive to sleep. The color of the silk sleep mask is not bright, but one that helps you sleep and is resistant to the sun's rays, so black is generally the best choice.

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