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The benefits of the silk sleep mask

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The light outside the window is too bright at night and the curtains are too tight to block out the light. What people who are extremely sensitive to light fear most is that they will close their eyes and the light will still be there. Other circumstances prevent us from sleeping soundly, such as on a long international flight, in an unfamiliar hotel, or during an extremely tiring lunch break. This is when you need a silk sleep mask to save your sleep and help you block out the light. So what kind of eye mask do we need to choose? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The silk sleep mask is a natural protein fiber, and silk is a natural protein fiber.

  • The silk sleep mask is lightweight and non-pressurizing.

The silk sleep mask is a natural protein fiber, and silk is a natural protein fiber.

Silk is a natural protein fiber and contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, which is very skin-friendly and can help maintain the skin's surface lipid film metabolism, nourishing skincare, even if you have sensitive skin, you can wear a silk sleep mask. The coefficient of friction between silk and skin is only 7.4%, the lowest of all fibers. It has been said that silk will help reduce wrinkles, but it is the smoothness of silk that is being referred to. A silk sleep mask is attached to the eyes to help resist external friction and of course to prevent wrinkles to some extent.

The silk sleep mask is lightweight and non-pressurizing.

Silk sleep mask weighs only 95-105g/m2, so it's light enough for your eyes and you can wear it to sleep without worrying. We choose to pamper our skin every day with extremely expensive skincare products, but of course, when it comes to choosing a silk sleep mask, it is important to ensure that it is safe and delicate enough.

The silk sleep mask is designed with the human face in mind and has a streamlined silhouette that gives the wearer a great sense of comfort. Women of today are under great pressure, they play different roles and are multi-faceted in their lives, and without a good night's sleep they cannot support their daily toil. In addition to taking care of every bit of delicate skin, silk is a great way to create an exquisite night's sleep. In addition to functional choices, the main thing is to add a little ritual to the small matter of sleeping, so that the subconscious mind can tell itself: that it's time to start sleeping in peace.

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