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How to Recognize Different Silk Fabrics

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Classification of Common Silk Fabrics

Silk fabrics have been developed to a lot of types, like silk stretch satin, silk crepe-de-chine, silk satin, silk georgette, etc. This article will introduce you to the silk fabrics often seen on the market.

1. silk satin: silk satin belongs to the regular silk fabric, it feels very smooth, the shrinkage rate is also relatively small. Cheongsam or dresses are basically made of silk satin, which gives people a very noble and elegant feeling, is the best silk fabric inside the glossy fabric.


2. Stretch satin: Stretch satin, as the name suggests, is a more elastic silk fabric, the composition is 94% silk and 6% spandex, the luster than the plain satin to be darker, suitable for shirts and pajamas.


3. silk crepe-de-chine: this fabric is crepe on both sides, with the characteristics of silk, soft, with a light pearl lustre, breathability is also very good, in summer it is recommended to use 16/18mm double crepe to make shirts.


4. Georgette: This fabric is very light, soft and has a good drape, giving a sense of flowing.


5. Silk Habotai: it has good light blocking and breathability and is smooth to the touch. Some eye masks or handkerchiefs for wiping instruments on the market are made from silk habotai, but usually it is used as a lining for garments.


In addition to the above fabrics, there are many types of silk fabrics below, you can leave a message to us, if you need to customize, we can provide you with free fabric samples.


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