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Why girls are crazy with the 100% silk scrunchies?

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Now the silk scrunchies on market are made of 100% 19mm or 20mm satin silk on market, satin silk is also the most popular silk fabrics for sleepwear and other silk bedding sets because it's silky, softer and shiny characteristics.

Silk fibers contain 100% amino acids and have a very similar structure with that of the human hair. So, it has many benefits to the hair. with a durable rubber band, it could band your hair well and avoid your hair from being hurt.

By the way, it also could avoid hair creases and be very gentle on delicate hair to reduce the breakage.

So if you are had fallen in love with silk pillow case, now I suggest that you could buy yourself a set of silk scrunchies to wear at day time. and with solid-color design goes perfectly with all your outfits.

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