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Why a Silk Sleep Mask Could Be the Secret to Getting a Good Rest

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Sleep is a time for relaxation and recuperation. This applies to your skin just as much as it does to your brain and muscles. Our skin's blood flow improves as we sleep, and the organ rebuilds collagen and repairs UV damage to lessen wrinkles and age spots. We also have higher levels of melatonin, an antioxidant that benefits our mental health as well as the state of our skin. Here are the main points of this why wearing a silk sleep mask is key to great rest:


1. Increase the quality of your sleep

2. Help you fall asleep faster

3. Beauty slumber with no interruptions

1. Increase the quality of your sleep

We can reasonably assume that unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you are exposed to some form of artificial light. Even when the curtains are closed tightly and the door is completely locked, light finds its way in. Because light is such an important element in determining our waking and sleeping schedules, this just confuses our bodies by sending mixed messages from the outside world. Wearing a silk sleep mask around your eyes will help you sleep better by blocking out any light.

2. Help you fall asleep faster

Wearing a silk sleep mask not only increases the quality of our sleep but also speeds up the process of falling asleep. Complete darkness raises melatonin levels in the body, allowing you to spend less time awake in bed and more time sleeping.

In one study, participants were placed in an atmosphere that was designed to simulate an intensive care unit (ICU) (an environment with a high amount of light and noise disruption). The study looked at the sleep of two groups: those who used silk eye masks and earplugs and those who didn't. Earplugs and silk eye masks improved the amount of REM sleep and decreased the time spent falling asleep and reaching REM sleep. It also decreased arousal and increased melatonin levels. While this study looked at the benefits of utilizing both sleep and eye masks, it's logical to believe that using simply one or the other will improve sleep quality.

3.  Beauty slumber with no interruptions

If you weren't convinced already, a silk eye mask is a must-have for any beauty routine. Last but not least, this magical cloth controls your body temperature. Silk absorbs and transfers surplus heat when it's hot, and the air trapped between the silk strands traps heat within when it's cold. A silk eye mask will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing you to sleep better and boosting your health and wellbeing.

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