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What is the coolest fabric to sleep in?

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What is the coolest fabric to sleep in?

Temperature is an important factor to consider to ensure you have the best night's sleep. Being too hot or too cold can not only affect the quality of your sleep, but can also prevent you from sleeping at all. To control this you can choose the right pyjamas with the best fabric to maintain the desired night time temperature of 16-18°C.

Please see below fabrics we listed below with pros and cons for nightwear kimono products.

Fabrics  Pros Cons
Soft, breathable, durable, easy to care for, natural fibers Does not insulate, collects moisture
Merino Wool or Cashmere Good insulator, soft, breathable, wicks moisture away, natural fibers Can be xpensive, not easy to care for, not suitable for hot weather
Silk Soft, strong filbers, good insulator, natural body temperature regulator, natural fibers Can be expensive,  not easy to care for
Linen Very breathable, good for warm climates, soft, can be durable, natural fibers Can be expensive, wrinkles easily
Bamboo Soft, lightweight, breathable, can be antimicrobial, natural fibers Often not eco-friendly, not suitable for printing nightwear
Modal and Tencel Very soft, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, sustainable and eco friendly, easy to care for, sustainable fibers Can collect moisture
Polyester Durable, wrincle and fade resistant, does not absorb moisture, quick drying, easy to care for Often not eco-friendly

In order to advocate more sustainable fashion products, so here we would like to introduce more about natural fibers. especially silk, cotton, linen, wool, bamboo, modal and tencel fabrics..

Silk: As a very versatile fabric, silk can be ideal all year round for an array of nightwear included. As silk is a natural temperature regulator, it does a great job of keeping you cool in summer but also warm in winter. and for different styles of silk nightwear, there's over 5 types of silk fabrics to chose, such as silk chiffon, silk charmeuse, silk crepe de chine, silk organza, silk georgette etc..

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Linen: Known for being a staple material for summer, linen is a lightweight yet durable choice for pyjamas. Being 2-3 times stronger than cotton, linen allows for optimum breathability and you are said to perspire 15 times less than being in silk or cotton. Perfect for sleeping in! Unlike silk, linen is a natural fiber derived from the flax plant. Linen has been around for centuries, but still remains popular because it is so breathable and cool. If you live in a hot climate, consider linen a great bedding and sleepwear fabric option. High-quality linen is soft, very strong, durable and can last decades. so even though it may have a higher initial price tag, it can be good value. Unfortunately, linen wrinkles easily, so if you mind the wrinkled look on sleepwear and sheets, be ready to get your iron out regularly.

Cotton: Being a natural fibre, cotton is a great choice for your summer nightwear. Not only does it prevent heat from being trapped against your skin, but cotton is also very low maintenance. As the fabric doesn’t retain odours like oil-based fabrics do, you will not have to wash your garments as often.

Merino wool or cashmere has gotten more popular for sleepwear, underwear, and active-wear alike because (1) it is made from the very soft, fine wool fibers (not itchy!), (2) it is absorbent ,Merino wool or cashmere can retain up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch, (3) it is very breathable with good wicking capability , and (4) it is a great insulator, keeping you at the right temperature. For this reason, merino wool and cashmere are an excellent choice for soft, breathable sleepwear with a cozy feel.

Bamboo pulp fabric, a form of rayon, is becoming more popular because it tends to be soft, lightweight, breathable, and claims to be natural and antimicrobial. For these reasons, true bamboo fabrics may be a good choice for sleeping.

Although the bamboo plant is fast-growing and considered a sustainable resource, the processing of the fiber is not always as eco-friendly. The most common way to process bamboo fibers, the viscose process, uses environmentally toxic solvents to make what is essentially rayon.

Like bamboo, Tencel and MicroModal are made of cellulose fibers and are considered something between a natural and synthetic fabric. Tencel, the branded name of lyocell fiber, and Modal, another rayon fabric, are derived from wood pulp and considered great cotton alternatives. These new rayon fabrics are becoming more mainstream in the fashion industry because they are soft, breathable, naturally wrinkle-resistant, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

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As one type of sustainable fabric, silk is so comfortable that it feels like you’re enveloped in luxury. most of luxury brands use silk fabrics to make silk nightwear, such as pjs, silk cami set, silk kimono, silk dressing gown, silk slip dress, children's silk pjs, and other silk bedding sets. The lustre of the material in itself can almost feel like a hug from inside when you sleep in.

Even silk is more fragile and more expensive than linen and cotton, but for some natural beauty lovers, it's hard to refuse the attraction of silk, Because of the natural protein fibres at play, silk is extremely moisture wicking, as opposed to cotton. Cotton can become really hot, and for those with hot flushes, can become really problematic through the night. So, by investing in silk sleepwear you can allow for extreme comfort and a quality night's sleep.

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As a  professional OEM silk pjs manufacturer, BeautyPlus Silk,  could produce a full range of silk sleep products for your brand, with flexible small minimum order quantity. and we provide different momme of silk fabrics to cater to your budget, if you wanna custom affordable silk pjs and silk kimono, 16mmm silk satin or silk crepe de chine could be your choice.

If you wanna source more cheaper silk nightwear with your private label, silk linen, silk cotton, or silk viscose mix fabrics could be taken into your consideration, it has the advantages of silk and cotton or linen, and the cost is far lower than 100% silk nightwear.

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