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What is sandwashed silk fabric?

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What is sandwashed silk fabric?

For sand washing process, which is similar to the washing process, but the addition is not the same, usually with alkaline or oxidizing additives, of course, some softeners will be added in moderation. The addition of alkaline auxiliaries is to destroy the structure of the surface of the fabric, so that the fabric feels softer after the sand washed, and then the surface of the fabric will have some fluff, and there will be a layer of faint white mist. Therefore, after sand washing, the silk fabric will become soft and will be piled up. The fabric will have a thick illusion, but such fabrics are easy to bun, and may be broken when pulled gently. so if you want to make sandwashed silk fabric, we would suggest high weight silk fabric , at least 22m m above, the fabric after sand washing has a worn-out style, so it is very popular among designers who love retro style.

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