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What is pre-shrinking?

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What is pre-shrinking?

Pre-shrinking is a finishing process that physically reduces the shrinkage of the fabric after immersion in water to reduce shrinkage, also known as mechanical pre-shrinking. It's the necessary process for silk made garments. the pre-shrinking is mainly to control the warp direction (longitudinal direction) shrinkage of the fabric. The silk fabric has a shrinkage rate of 5%~15% before the shrinkage. After shrinking, the warp shrinkage rate of the fabric is conventionally required to reach the national standard. 3% or American standard 1%, due to different drying methods, the US standard requirements are relatively high, the American standard 1% is equivalent to 3% of the national standard.

Generally, the shrinkage rate of  satin silk, strech satin, silk habotai, chiffon, and organza yarn is generally about 5%. The shrinkage of the fabric after watering is not very obvious, so if the product does not require high shrinkage, this process can be ignored; double crepe, double georgette, georgette and other shrinkage rates are more than 10%, generally pre-shrinking before cutting to make silk garments is to prevent shrinking after ready to wear, the crinkle georgette's shrinkage rate is even more than 25%!

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