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What are the benefits of wearing Silk Pyjamas?

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What are the features of Silk Pyjamas? What are the benefits of wearing silk fabric? Silk Pyjamas are very comfortable to wear and have the advantage of being safe and flame resistant. Silk Pyjamas have the advantage of being safe and flame-retardant, as silk fibers have little thermal variability and are relatively heat-resistant, with a burning temperature of 300-400°C. Silk Pyjamas are a flame-retardant fiber and play a high role in flame retardancy. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Silk Pyjamas are hygroscopic and breathable.

  • Silk Pyjamas are useful for skin care.

  • Silk Pyjamas are UV resistant.

Silk Pyjamas are hygroscopic and breathable.

As you know, silk is a natural protein molecular compound made from the solidification of the liquid spat out by silkworms, which not only has good moisture absorption, but also good moisture release and breathability. In a humid environment, dry silk can absorb moisture, absorb the sweat and metabolites discharged by the body, taking away the body's heat, keeping the skin clean, and avoid the growth of bacteria on human skin; while in a dry environment, the silk absorbed sweat and can release moisture, sweat, very breathable, so Silk Pyjamas give people a dry and smooth, comfortable and cool feeling, but conducive to It also helps to prevent eczema, itchy skin, and other skin conditions.

Silk Pyjamas are useful for skin care.

Because silk is a protein fiber, it is moisture-absorbent, breathable, stain-absorbing, and antibacterial. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. Silk Pyjamas can enhance cellular vitality when in contact with the skin, can also prevent vascular sclerosis and anti-aging functions, help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid film, and can keep the skin moist and smooth. Many beauty-loving ladies like to wear Silk Pyjamas and sleep with silk pillowcases, which are very helpful to human health and Silk Pyjamas are a great help for both health and beauty.

Silk Pyjamas are UV resistant.

Silk Pyjamas also protect one's skin from the sun's UV rays. The snow-white silk spat out by silkworms gradually turns yellow when exposed to UV rays because the silk absorbs the UV rays from the sun. Medical science tells us that excessive UV exposure is extremely harmful to human skin, so silk fibers can be used to protect against UV rays by making them into clothing. In addition to being UV resistant, Silk Pyjamas are also flame retardant and do not easily burn the skin when exposed to fire, and its porous fiber spaces also protect the body from harmful vapors, taking care of your skin!

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