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What are the benefits of sleeping with a silk eye mask?

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Why do people search for silk eye pillows wholesale?

A good night’s sleep is a must for good health, brain performance, and mood. But it’s challenging to get when bright distractions and stress surround you constantly. In this situation, a custom eye mask for sleeping can substantially help cure this issue. Our silk eye masks, for instance, custom silk sleep mask are composed of pure mulberry silk serving the above purpose. So grab yours from any silk sleep mask wholesale. We have a massive collection of wholesale silk eye masks to simplify your searching effort.  

Is it good to sleep with a silk eye mask?

Sleeping with a silk eye mask has proven benefits in sleep, eyes, and skin. They apply gentle pressure on the skin that surrounds the eyes, which leads to the release of a hormone called Serotonin that regulates sleep. Moreover, Silk contains a protein named Sericin, which helps hair and skin retain moisture. Thus, sleeping with a silk mask keeps the area near our eyes hydrated and smooth.

Are sleep masks good for your eyes?

The primary work of a sleep mask is to block light, which can be due to lights or mobile phones. Blocking light leads to the production of a hormone called melatonin, which acts vitally to start the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) deep sleep. This stage of the sleep cycle makes us feel relaxed. Apart from this, some sleep masks also consist of a therapeutic cooling gel that helps lessen the swelling of the skin around the eyes. Similarly, there are numerous eye masks customized to your needs. You can buy fine quality ones for the best result.


What is the best material for a sleep mask?

Cotton, Silk, Polyester, and Satin are some materials from which sleep masks are composed. To know which is best for us, we will compare some of their features.

Cotton eye masks are famous for their lightweightedness and sweat absorption. But, they might extract moisture from the skin. On the other hand, Silk feels smooth and doesn’t abrade the skin. Another exciting feature of Silk, distinguishing it from others, is its hypoallergenicity. It repels all kinds of allergens, thus receding the exposure of eyes to mold, dust mites, and other allergens. After learning the benefits of silk sleeping masks, many of you might want to buy them.

Can sleeping with an eye mask damage eyes?

Till now, we have discussed the merits of a sleeping mask. Now, it’s time to examine if it can hurt the eyes. An eye mask only covers your eyes in the process. Therefore, it can only harm the eyes if it is too tight or a poor material for your eyes. To aid this, make sure it fits well and use good quality material.

As a fact, eye masks help fight headaches and migraines by lowering light exposure. Many more products can help you get quality sleep, such as eye pillows. Amongst them, too, silk eye pillows outperform. You can purchase them from our silk eye pillows wholesale.


To sum up, silk eye masks are a worthwhile investment to get a good quality sleep. Even if you don’t have sleep issues, these are a must-try. You can try them from our colossal silk eye masks collection. Moreover, to get more out of your sleep, you can check our products.


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