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Silk Pyjamas, their role, value, and classification

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What are the functions of Silk Pyjamas and what are their values? And what types are there? Today I am giving you information on the role, value, and classification of Silk Pyjamas fabrics. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Silk Pyjamas have a special health effect on the body.

  • The valuable value of Silk Pyjamas is explained.

  • ntroducing the Silk Pyjamas assortment.

Silk Pyjamas have a special health effect on the body.

Silk is smooth, stimulating, and non-toxic. Silk Pyjamas are not only smooth, soft, and comfortable but also have the characteristics of easy drying, moisture absorption, and good heat dissipation, which can enhance the vitality of skin cells, promote cell metabolism and produce a subtle massage effect on the skin, thus reducing the chance of microorganisms breeding on the skin, which has a special health care effect on the human body. Wearing Silk Pyjamas for long periods by bedridden elderly people has a significant inhibiting effect on the development of "bed sores" and itchy skin, unlike any other type of clothing.

The valuable value of Silk Pyjamas is explained.

Silk fibers contain 18 amino acids that are essential to the human body, similar to those contained in human skin, making it the "second skin" of mankind. At the same time, the tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet light, prevent ultraviolet radiation, enhance the vitality of skin cells on the surface of the body, promote the metabolism of skin cells, and have a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases. This natural function, which cannot be achieved with rayon, is what makes Silk Pyjamas so valuable. In addition, as silk fibers have little thermal change and are relatively heat resistant, they burn at a temperature of 300-400°C, making them highly flame-retardant and therefore the best choice for home decoration.

Introducing the Silk Pyjamas assortment.

During the day, our most intimate undergarments are our bras and panties, but at night our most intimate undergarments are our pajamas. There are many different fabrics and styles of pajamas that are comfortable and smooth to wear, so find out more about the categories and benefits of Silk Pyjamas!

The two-piece Silk Pyjamas can be worn alone with a camisole or with a gown on the outside for an elegant and quiet look. Made from silk, they are not only good to wear but also have a unique effect on the skin and prevent disease. The main advantage of the split Silk Pyjamas is that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move around in. The style of the Silk Pyjamas is mainly based on the variation of the neckline of the top. The small suit collar is the most common type of collar, with a loose fit that is practical.

For more Silk Pyjamas-related questions, please feel free to ask us. With years of accumulated experience in R&D and production, we can provide you with more product services and technical support! Our official website is http://www.customsilkfabrics.com/.

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