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Silk Pyjamas product features and reasons for choosing it

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The benefits of Silk Pyjamas include: beautiful and nourishing; soft and smooth; green; comfortable; warm in winter and cool in summer; moisture absorbent and breathable; calming and nourishing to promote sleep; antibacterial, anti-mold and anti-mite; and anti-UV. Since ancient times, silk has been known as the "Queen of Fibres", and now it is also known as a "health fiber" and a "wellness fiber". Let's take a closer look at Silk Pyjamas' product features and the reasons for choosing it. Here are some answers.

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  • Silk Pyjamas' product features.

  • Choose Silk Pyjamas for hot summer days.

Silk Pyjamas' product features.

Silk Pyjamas are characterized by their comfort and their ability to absorb and release moisture, as well as their sound and dust absorption properties. Silk is made up of protein fibers, which are soft and smooth to the touch and have a coefficient of friction with human skin of only 7.4% compared to other fiber fabrics so that human skin tends to feel soft and delicate when in contact with silk products. Silk Pyjamas have naturally occurring moisture absorbing and releasing properties that are unmatched by other artificial fibers. Due to its porous nature, silk can absorb gas voids and silk can absorb moisture or give off moisture in the air, allowing it to absorb moisture in a humid environment and give off moisture in a dry environment. Therefore, in addition to its ability to adapt itself, it can also help to retain a certain amount of moisture on the skin or in other silk products. When worn in the summer, silk can quickly dissipate sweat and heat and is very breathable, making you feel cooler.

Choose Silk Pyjamas for hot summer days.

Choose Silk Pyjamas for the summer months as you will be sweating a lot in the summer heat and cotton pajamas are not as breathable and moisture-wicking as Silk Pyjamas. The best feature is that it draws moisture from the air to moisturize your skin when it is dry and helps to wick away moisture when you sweat. It is very breathable and makes you feel cooler than ever.

For spring and summer choose Silk Pyjamas which should be less than 19 mms thick, pyjamas over 19 MMS are more suitable for winter use. The 19m is the best choice for summer and represents the highest quality. 19m is the best for verticality and airiness and expresses the unique charm of silk. And it is not easy to open threads in 19m texture. For autumn and winter, you should choose a pajama of around 30m, which will provide good warmth and beauty. How do I buy Silk Pyjamas? Although they are expensive, there are some good value-for-money products on the market.

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