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Is a dressing gown a kimono robe?

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Is a dressing gown a kimono robe?

Japanese dressing gowns are charmed worldwide for their style, captivating colors, patterns, and textures. It is often one of the things we glimpse in Japanese people. However, you can also make people catch you by wearing a dressing gown. You can look at our personalised silk dressing gowns and designer evening gowns collection. You can also seek a silk kimono robe in our silk kimono robe wholesale and grab the one most suited to your needs.

What are Japanese dressing gowns called?

Japanese dressing gowns are called the kimono. The kimono is the national dress of Japan and is deeply rooted in its culture and traditions. This word is often used as an umbrella term for all traditional Japanese clothes. The Kimono is the national dress of Japan and is intensely rooted in its culture and traditions. We have an enormous collection of designer evening gowns and Chinese silk kimono. Check them out.


What is a kimono dressing gown?

A kimono dressing gown is a T-shaped garment with long sleeves and extends from the shoulders to the heels. It is secured by a decorative belt known as an obi. It is sewed from four distinct fabric pieces held together with intricate folds. Generally, it is worn for everyday use due to its comfort and simplicity. It can be regarded as loungewear, usually tied around the waist with no frills and bells.

Generally, a kimono is made of silk and worn in winter. It has a summer counterpart called a yukata, which is different from it on many parameters and is commonly made of cotton. You can browse through our Designer evening gowns and don’t miss out on our Silk kimono robe wholesale.

Is a Kimono a robe?

A traditional kimono extends from shoulders to heels. But now it has a laid-back version named a kimono robe. As the name suggests, it is similar to Kimono and possesses the characteristics of a robe. It is one of the most simple and relaxing garments.

Due to their simplicity, there is no significant difference between men’s and women’s kimono robes. You can check our massive collection of men’s personalised silk dressing gowns and Chinese silk kimono collections, the same dress for men and women.

How do you wear a kimono robe?

You should wear a kimono-like bathrobe or a housecoat tied around the waist. In addition, however, you should follow the only Japanese rule: close the kimono robe with the left side over the right one. Also, make sure that the sash is tied well; otherwise, it might undesirably fall open.

In addition, you can wear the summer-popular shorter kimono robes with a simple tie around the waist. It is similar to wearing a bathrobe without specific extra ties. You can get such relaxing outfits in our Chinese silk kimono and Personalised silk dressing gown wholesale.


A kimono robe is derived from a yukata and is a beautiful integral of style and comfort. It is available in numerous varieties for almost all purposes and events. Though it reflects Japanese tradition, it attracts people from all cultures. We know that you need dresses according to your mood and time of the day, that’s why we have our Designer evening gowns for your evenings. We also have men’s silk dressing gowns in our men’s personalised silk dressing gown collection and play with colors and style.


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