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How to Customize a Silk Shirt

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No one can wear heavy dresses in summer as heavy dresses can cause overheating to the body. Summer is the season when all humans face excessive sweating and heat. This is where the silk loose button-up shirts come handy.  Dresses such as the silk long sleeve t shirts ensure ultimate comfort to your body.

The designer silk shirts for ladies will be best in summer as silk can absorb the body's moisture, and the material of silk is also soft and flexible, which gives comfort in summer.  

Is a silk shirt worth buying?

The silk shirt is a must-have in today's fashion era. Silk is one of the finest, most absorbent natural fibers available, so it has been used to make clothing since the 4th millennium BC. In addition, its inherent temperature-regulating characteristics make it suitable for all climates and seasons. It keeps you warm, comfortable and relaxed in the summer.

Can silk be used to make shirts?

Most of people don't believe that shirts can be made from silk. It is a common question for those who don't know much about silk shirts. The answer is yes, shirts can be made of silk, which makes the shirts durable and breathable.

Can silk shirts be tailored?

It is challenging to tailor a silk shirt, including silk loose button-up shirts. However, sewing a silk shirt on a machine is possible with a new sharp needle.


How to print a silk shirt?

Screen printing is the easiest and most effective way to print your shirt and silk long sleeve t shirt. The following are the steps to print your silk shirt -

1. Firstly you should coat the screen with a photosensitive emulsion. You should follow this step in a poorly lit area and try to keep the screen from light.

2. Put transparency outside the screen, right side down, with a clear tap. Then, place the screen in the direct light to expose it.

3. After emulsion exposure, remove transparency and rinse off the entire screen so that extra emulsion can't be run into the image while drying. And put the screen aside to dry.

4. Now clear packing tape to prevent ink from running into the edge of the screen. You should also do a pin holding process at this time as it will resolve errors of an emulsion, including washed out, missed, and so on. Finally, you can cover the pinhole with blackout, tape, or emulsion pen.

5. You have to arrange the screen for printing by taking it to the press, setting it in, and lining it up to the center.

6. Now, it is a part when you have to start printing. Take an ink with the desired color and pull the ink with the help of a squeegee. You have to follow this step multiple times to print various printed silk blouse or silk long sleeve t shirt.

7. Keep your screen dry. The drying and curing process will depend on the type of ink. So be careful while removing the silk shirt from the screen.

Final Thoughts

Silk material is a shrinking and static cling material, but it is softer, straighter, more flexible, and a better moisture absorber. The silk long sleeve t shirt is best for you in summer as this will make your body breath and comfort.

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