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How to Choose Your Silk Sleep Mask?

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A silk sleep mask is the next best thing to being in a completely dark room, but not all of them are created equal. Here are the considerations to consider when selecting this sleep accessory, ranging from textiles to additional luxuries.

They can be found in many places, however, buying a silk sleep mask may be more difficult than you anticipated. With costs ranging from $5 to $150 and a variety of gimmicks, it's easy to be drawn to the extremes of the spectrum. However, if you want something that will endure a long time, these are the things you should look at. Here are the four elements to choose your silk sleep mask:

  • Ability to turn off the lights

  • Fit

  • Affordability

  • Style

1. Ability to turn off the lights

The primary function of your silk sleep mask is to shield your eyes from any unwanted light that may interfere with your sleep. This is particularly handy if you're attempting to nap during the day. Choose a silk sleep mask that covers your face or has unique moulds to help you block out short flashes of light.

2. Fit

You want your silk sleep mask to keep you comfortable while you slumber, but what if it doesn't stay on your nose or behind your ears? You want something that completely suits your top face, especially around your nose. To better fit varied facial sizes, look for masks with fabric flaps sewed around this area. Another thing to keep an eye on are the flat sections, which might cause sleep disruption if your eyelashes graze across the mask during REM sleep. Choose a mask with recesses to prevent the material from contacting your eyes.

3. Affordability

You want your silk sleep mask to hit all the right notes, including your budget, just like everything else. It's critical to take your time in search of that one item that meets your requirements and guarantees you a luxurious night's sleep without causing irritation to your skin. Some silk sleep masks are more expensive than others, but keep an eye out for unneeded extras. Finding the correct accessory can make a huge difference in your sleeping routine; a good night's sleep is one of life's greatest pleasures.

4. Style

Who says you can't look stylish while napping? Silk eye masks don't have to be boring, and there are plenty of ways to inject some fun and style into this accessory, especially if you're taking it on a trip. Our recommendation is to get silk sleep masks that match the rest of your sleepwear. Do you like bright colors? Opt for colorful flower prints that conjure up vivid summertime visions. If you like a more delicate look, opt for designs with pastel polka dots and tiny floral patterns. Last but not least, a monochromatic silk sleep mask, which is enjoyable to mix and match with your pyjama coordinates, is a must-have.

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