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How To Clean Silk Fabrics

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People love silk clothes. However, many of them do not know that silk is a very delicate fabric. For this reason, a lot of people hesitate to wash silk by themselves. You must give the silk blouse, scarf, or dress tenderness and loving care. Besides, you need to keep the thing in mind that even when you wash at home. Here are a few basic things you must know about washing silk fabrics:

How To Remove Stains From Silk

The safest way is to fill the sink or the bucket with cold water. Then, turn the garment inside out and soak it.

When wash the silk garment, the best option is to use a detergent with good quality . Add a few drops into the water and mix it up well. Leave the mixture for a few minutes.-

Agitate the mixture and gently pull the garment up and down  for several times to remove dirt.

Once you have done the above steps, it is time to take out the garment and drain out all the water. Then, rinse the garment well with cold water till all the detergent gets completely removed from the fabric.

To dry the garments, the safest way is to hang the garments either on clotheslines or clothes hangers. No matter what, ensure that the garments are not exposed to sunlight directly.

Whether it is silk blouse, silk sheet, silk pillow, or silk suit, you can use the above steps for effective cleaning.

Can You Wash Silk By Hand When It Says Dry Clean Only

In the case of silk garments, when you see anything that says - Dry Clean, it is a clear recommendation that you need to take them to a dry cleaner. However, there is no harm if you are confident that you can gently hand wash the garment yourself.

On the other hand, if it says - Dry Clean Only, the garment is delicate, and it would be better if handled by a professional.

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Is Silk Easy To Clean

There is nothing more glamorous than silk. The feel of it when it rubs against the skin is second to none. However, at times, it may become difficult to clean. It is because of the delicate nature of this particular textile that makes it challenging to remove the stains without damaging the garment.

Remember, hand washing on your own is not a completely safe option. There are many ways to remove stubborn stains from silk. The best approach is to find a good dry cleaner and have it cleaned by a pro in case of any doubt. It is perhaps the most reasonable way to ensure safety.

Can you wash silk with shampoo

Yes, it can be done. In fact, using shampoo to wash silk clothes instead of any other detergent or cleaning liquid is a better choice. We should understand that silk is a protein fiber, just like wool or your hair. So, avoid enzymes at all costs since they can destroy proteins.

Along with shampoo, add some vinegar. You can go for either white or cider. It goes into the rinse water and help set the dye, preventing it from leaching out.

Hope it is clear to you about how to take care of your favorite silk garments. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to share.

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