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Features of Silk Pyjamas and what to wear

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The reason many people prefer to buy Silk Pyjamas rather than faux silk is not because of the high price of silk, but because it is a real nuisance to wash and maintain. Silk is not only easy to crepe, hook, fade and shrink, but it can also grow insects and mold, which can ruin a garment if you are not careful. So, while faux silk is like a plastic flower that you can toss and turn, Silk Pyjamas are like flowers that need care and attention. Let's take a look at the features of Silk Pyjamas and what to expect when wearing them. Here are some answers.

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  • What are the features of Silk Pyjamas?

  • What should I be aware of when wearing Silk Pyjamas?

What are the features of Silk Pyjamas?

Firstly, silk is made up of silk glue and silk pigments, a protein fiber made up of 18 amino acids in different proportions and spatial combinations. It is a protein fiber, with the silk glue on the outside and the silk pigments on the inside, which are closely linked. The silk glue has a loose structure and is rough to the touch, so it needs to be degummed, while the silk pigment has a tight structure and a soft, fat luster with a pearl-like brilliance. Secondly, Silk Pyjamas have a soft, smooth, thick, and full feel with excellent elasticity. Thirdly, Silk Pyjamas have good moisture-absorbing and breathable properties and have skincare and health effects. Silk is a protein fiber and silk carpets woven from silk have good UV absorption properties. Silk is a porous fiber, so it has good insulation, moisture absorption, moisture dispersion, and breathability properties, and has a certain protective effect on the skin. Fourthly, silk is delicate and should be carefully cared for, avoiding gravity rubbing twisting, or dragging hard on rough areas that could lead to damage to the protein fibers.

What should I be aware of when wearing Silk Pyjamas?

Silk Pyjamas are not as strong as chemical fibers such as polyester and nylon and are very susceptible to hooking and tearing. When wearing Silk Pyjamas, it is important to be aware of the shape of the accessories you choose to wear on your body, and it is best to wear smooth trims without angles. In addition, the order must be to put on the garment first and then wear it, instead of taking it off first and then undressing it, to prevent hooking during the process of putting it on and taking it off. If this happens, do not pull hard, but gently pull the garment in the direction of the hooking, which will ease it. Don't wear brooches on your clothes, and don't put hard objects like keys in clothes with pockets. Don't put perfume or make-up on Silk Pyjamas as the alcohol in them can cause the proteins in the silk fibers to turn yellow. Silk Pyjamas should not be worn when sweating profusely.

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