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Can silk fabrics be customized and printed

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Let's first understand what Silk fabric is.

Silk is popularly known as one of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics globally. It is made using the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm larvae. This term can also describe any material produced with silk yarns or fibres.

Can I print on Silk Fabric?

The answer is yes. So now you can have custom printed silk fabric that makes you look more stylish with a computer and an Inkjet Printer.

Digital silk printing is rising due to the high demand for intricate designs on custom printed silk fabric. As a result, digital silk printing can be a profitable business venture.

Digital printing is the best way to create unique designs and print them onto silks, cotton, polyester, etc.

Reasons for printed silk fabric

How to put Designs on Silk?

Let's understand how the designer silk fabric gets ready

Designing- The customer's artwork can either be digital or hand-drawn and converted into digital format. Designers have many options. They can use a variety of colours.

Pre-treatment- Pre-treatment needs for silk printing. Therefore, for getting the best results, silk must be treated with an external fabric finishing agent to absorb and accept ink. The fabric is in RFD mode (Ready for Dyeing). Each piece of wholesale silk fabric is printed tested to ensure that the ink used is correct. A material that is too saturated with ink can lose its crispness, while a print with low ink could lose its colour and brightness.

Printing- Once the fabric is pre-treated, it gets placed in the RFDP mode (Ready for Digital Printing). The wholesale silk fabric can now get printed using the digital inkjet printer. Also, Silk fabric can be printed with reactive or acid dye ink.

Finalization- Finalization is the final step of the process. It is the same for screen or digital printing. Silk is freshly printed and therefore requires more care. To bond the ink and fabric fibres, silk must be steam-dried.

Moreover, you can also have custom printed silk fabric with a logo or striking and elegant designs to create a long-lasting impression.

Also, you can purchase plain or custom printed silk fabric to give a designer look as you want.


Can you print the logo on the fabrics?

Yes, Any photo or design can be printed directly onto silk fabric with an InkJet Printer or Ink Jet Copier that helps you represent your brand.

Can you get fabric Custom Made?

Yes, you can get custom made fabric. Silk has many advantages over other materials, both synthetic and natural.

Silk blends well with other fabrics and can take colour well. In addition, silk is easy to sew and use for dressmaking.

Despite its delicate appearance, silk fabric has one of the most significant advantages. It is strong and durable and is the strongest natural fibre available in the market.


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