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Beauty Plus advocates circular economy and green consumption

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While global commercialization brings convenience to people, the plastic packaging used for hundreds of millions of packages every day also poses a threat to environmental safety and public health. The proportion of the fashion industry here should not be underestimated.


According to the data, it takes 300 years for a common plastic bag to completely degrade, which not only pollutes the surface environment of the earth, but also greatly destroys the soil and water source.

As a fashion company that has always cared for the environment, Beauty Plus cares about green and cares for the earth. We are willing to start from ourselves.


Starting in September 2019, we plan to replace 50% of ordinary plastic bags into 180-day degradable plastic bags by 2020, and all silk scarves are made of 180-day degradable plastic bags.


We understand that the positive significance of reducing environmental protection burden, protecting people's health, and guiding consumers' consumption habits and environmental protection habits cannot be underestimated.


Although the use of environmentally friendly packaging will increase operating costs is an unavoidable problem. A non-degradable plastic bag costs 0.114 USD, and a degradable plastic bag costs 4 to 5 times.

In fact, to promote environmentally friendly packaging is not only the responsibility of the business and logistics industry, Beauty Plus encourages more consumers to take the initiative to take responsibility, not to throw plastic bags, reuse environmentally friendly plastic bags, reduce environmental pressure.


Beauty Plus supports and advocates circular economy and green consumption, and promotes green consumption from the small things of how to use plastic bags.

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